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Descussing the R' Slifkin Affair

The controversy surrounding Rabbi Slifkin and his books has been a discussion for a while now. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it’s getting any easier to talk about. Especially for people like me, a member of the yeshivishe community, it hits a unique cord. When someone takes what you know is true and tries to pass it on as the same truth, while actually corrupting it, it really makes one want to shout out. So I have done so. Since I'm not famous, a well-known blogger, or anything like that, I decided to do what I could. I set up a blog and a website. Whether you agree with me or not, I'm more than open to discussion, either with a comment in my blog, or a direct e-mail by clicking the link below. Suggestions for this site will also be appreciated. Kol Tuv, and hatzlocha with everything you do.

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